His Holiness The Dalai Lama has often emphasized that “Just as physical hygiene gives health and happiness to the body; “EMOTIONAL HYGIENE” gives health and happiness to the mind.” Men-Tsee-Khang, being the largest, oldest and most reputable institution of Sowa-Rigpa in-exile, has pioneered many undertakings that aim at empowering mental health, not leaving aside the physical health. Deriving inspiration from His Holiness, and under the umbrella of this prestigious institute, the Body, Mind and Life Department has been consistently organizing courses and workshops for creating awareness & educating people on mental health.

We are all aware of the fact that mental health issues have been silent killers which remained unnoticed for a long time. Science and technology have developed par excellence but still despite such materialistic developments that cater to physical health, there is lack of mental peace and mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression is increasing at a fast pace. More than 60 percent of the world’s population are inflicted with problems of the mind; it is becoming even more important to find its cause.

According to Buddhist Philosophy, Tibetan Medicine & Tibetan Astro-science, the root cause of all mental sufferings is ‘Ignorance’ and explains different remedial measures to eliminate these sufferings accordingly. Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Astro-science are both deeply rooted in Buddhist Philosophy. Therefore, we believe some understanding of the basic Buddhist Philosophical Ideology which endeavors to promote the true nature of human beings—compassion, altruism and kindness— is a requisite in this materialistic world dominated by mental health issues. Our courses and workshops mainly involve educating participants with the “Mind and Mental Factors” from the Buddhist psychological domain, simultaneously providing practical sessions like mindfulness meditation training and so forth. Alongside, we also hold sessions on Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Astro-science to explain about other contributing factors that cause mental sufferings so that it benefits all our participants in their daily engagements while dealing with patients, clients, or anybody suffering from mental health issues. Our participants mainly comprise of those serving in medical field such as doctors, clinical psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, health workers, students and enthusiastic lay people.